Product Recall and Consumer Awareness Campaigns Subscription Services

Recall Notification Icons
  • Indicates a confirmed recall for the item in a user’s collection or on a product search page.
  • Notifies the user that the item might have a potential recall.
  • This icon is placed on an item if the user resolved the recall.
Screenshots of the various user Recall Notifications

Lontae's consumer connections platform and product database with its web-based authentication system provides Product Recall & Consumers Awareness Campaigns where consumers cannot avoid and ignore Product Recall notifications.

Lontae's Subscription Plan provides Consumer Awareness Campaigns and Product Recall Notifications for direct to consumer connections that continue in perpetuity with status updates for current and future owners of the products. All connections and notifications are retained and available for regulatory compliance requirements.

Lontae provides consumers with a range of free services and protections to manage what they own and to catalogue their possessions and collectibles. Lontae provides a streamlined process for filing homeowner-insurance claims for lost, stolen or damaged items as well as for estate planning, storm preparedness, counterfeit protection and the methodology to transfer titles of ownership of products in the secondary marketplace.

Lontae's Subscription Services are summarized below:


Submit an unlimited number of Product Recalls. The recall information can contain text, images and links to videos.

Consumer Connections and Notifications

Recall notifications and campaigns for all Lontae users including current and future owners of affected products. Lontae users receive notifications whether they purchased the product new or obtained it in the secondary market. Records of all connections and notifications are retained for regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Notifications placed on Lontae user's main My Lontae page
  • Notifications sent via SMS
  • Notifications sent via Email
  • Notification symbols placed on Lontae user's registered item page
  • Notification symbols placed on item in Lontae user's Collection page
  • Notification symbols with links to additional information placed on Lontae's item transfer page where consumers can review information before accepting the transfer of a product's ownership
  • Product registrations maintain recall resolution status with a transfer in ownership
  • Notifications placed on affected products and included in Lontae's searchable product database

Catalog of Products

Upload entire product catalog including previous, current and future product information into Lontae’s Product Database including product descriptions and specifications, instruction manuals, warranty information, images, links to videos, URLs and more.

Branded Web Section

Subscriber controls content for Branded Web Section, including product recall section, public relations messages, important product information and updates, detailed product recall instructions, images, product catalog information, new product marketing updates, links to videos, Subscriber’s website and social media outlets, advertisements, where to buy and authorized retailers.

The Subscription is $12,000.00 per year. Subscriber has the option to cancel the Subscription at anytime with thirty (30) days written notice.

Screenshots of the various user Recall Notifications

Recall Notification: Item Page

Recall Notification: Collection Page

Recall Notification: My Lontae Page

Recall Notification: Email Notification

Recall Notification: SMS Notification

Recall Notification: Product Search

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